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Choose an international Freight service which offers guaranteed international delivery based on date and time based on destination. Select from a variety of international freight companies and international shipping services for more information.
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Choosing International Shipping Service

  1. The balance of shells in the route: the more lines, the more empty shells, the less competitive the charge will be, the lower the charge.
  2. Transit time: affects the rate of capital turnover. If ship lines go for transshipment, sea freight is always lower than that of ship lines going directly to the destination port.
  3. Heavy or light / dangerous / oversized goods: of course, light goods, standard goods will often be offered OF more comfortable rates than heavy, dangerous, oversized goods that take up a lot of compartment area.
  4. The difference in freight rates between the two terminals of POD & POL
  5. Relationship between Shipper (the manager of shipping segment) with Sales of shipping lines, Sales Logs. At the same time, the volume (Volume) is much and will determine the price.
However, for international post, the delivery time usually excludes weekends, holidays, New Year holidays, so transit time will be slower if you send on weekends. In addition, because the post office operates according to business hours, express delivery on Saturday, Sunday or outside office hours will incur an additional cost.

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Choose international shipping costs up to 50% cheaper, and provide preferential services such as: door-to-door delivery, free support for goods packaging, 24/7 goods tracking, instructions in support of customer procedures, in order to provide convenience to customers with fast when you want to send goods abroad.

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