How To Move A Hot Tub With Pvc Pipe References. Once the spa is at the end of the 1st two sections you lay the next two sections on the ground, under the spa sliding the spa onto them and so on. This method involves lifting the hot tub from one side and putting a number of “rollers” underneath.

Vita Spa Moving the Hot Tub and determining were the leak is. from

Hot tub across a typical wooden deck? 1/2 inch inner diameter flexible pvc hose for pool and spa plumbing. After the move, throw a hot tub party for your helpers to thank them for their hard work.

Keep The Pvc Pipe Pieces Into The Trailer.

Load the hot tub onto the moving truck. Jason pulled out (3) 2×6 boards to create a ramp that would allow us to get up the 6″ inches that we needed to get up. So instead of rolling & moving a hot tub we decided to set the pvc parallel to the direction we were pushing it and just slide it on the pvc.

Note That Price Is Per Foot Of 1/2 Inch Pvc Flex Pipe.

I have no problems draining the hot tub if i need to slide it for some reason. Mike moved this hottub all by himself. Make sure you plan out a path that you can navigate smoothly and be sure the hot tub will fit.

Step 1) We Start By Cutting Pieces Of Pvc Pipe.

Use ramps to wheel the dollied hot tub into the moving truck or van. Bring the hot tub to the moving truck. Step 6) this step is for those who are moving the spa outside their house using a trailer or truck.

Need Pool And Spa Pvc Cement.

Strap it to the truck’s inside wall, drive to the new location, then unload and reinstall your tub. Im sure if i were to do the same move by myself today, i would. Hot tubs are difficult to move, so you'll need the right equipment and plenty of manpower.

How To Move A Hot Tub.

These can be anything from small diameter pvc pipes, wooden dowels or metal rods. But even with the right tools, it's a process that should be. This was my first solo hot tub move.

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