How To Sand Wood Floors With Orbital Sander. Make sure to test the sandpaper (and the sander) on scrap wood first, to avoid any serious damage to your woodworking project. Operating any sander needs almost similar steps to follow.

The Best Can You Sand A Hardwood Floor With Hand Sander from

Here are the steps you need to follow. Start by doing the entire perimeter of the floor. Your hardwood floor should be at least ¾” thick before attempting to sand it.

Start With Coarser Grits, Say 60, And Move To The Finer Variants Such As 100 To 120 Grit, As You Proceed.

The next step to take is the applying of mineral spirits. It’s powerful enough to remove paint, adhesive, and damage on any hardwood with ease. This professional floor sander doubles as a cleaner and polisher as well, depending on what pad you fit it with.

Belt Sanders Are Extremely Aggressive Which Will Serve Its Purpose With Sanding Hardwood Floors.

Make sure to test the sandpaper (and the sander) on scrap wood first, to avoid any serious damage to your woodworking project. In order to check the thickness of your hardwood floor, insert a business card in between the slats. Having a nice bright halogen lamp is very helpful in this situation, it will highlight any edger marks and “swirls”.

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He recommends using a finishing machine. The definitive guide to how to sand hardwood floors with orbital sander; First, you have to prepare the surface.

If The Floor Sanding Is In Relatively Good Condition And Has Plenty Of Time, You May Start With An Orbital Sander Or Finishing.

This way, you can remove old scratches and stains with the coarser grits and achieve the smoothness of your desire with the finer ones. Keep in mind that if you have engineered wood flooring , you can easily sand all the way through the veneer. By using the same level of grit paper, you can sand low spot and edges with ease by using a orbital hand sander.

When You Are Done With Sweeping, Take Out A Towel And Pour Some Mineral Spirits Into It Then You Use It To Wipe The Floor.

Using this type of sander alone may not be the best option, but it’ll definitely be your first option. Start in the far corner of the room and work your way out. We must sand with the random orbit sander the last grit that we left off with on our belt sander and edge sander.

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